CAN bus Bit Timing Parameters

SHARC DSP with the SJA1000 CAN-bus interface

ECU Based on CAN Bus Multi-Platform Communication

CAN bus based on the non-intelligent adapter card design

DS80C410-based embedded CAN bus Dining Hall System

CAN-bus interconnects Gateway Design and Implementation

CAN bus based on embedded system and the overhaul of the manipulator control system

CAN bus in the central air-conditioning control system

CAN bus interface controller and the DSP

CANopen protocol of CAN bus

ARM-based CAN bus intelligent node

Self-healing fiber optic network of CAN bus

CAN bus and Ethernet interconnect system

Based on CAN bus control system GaAs photocathode preparation

ARM9-based CAN-bus converter card 1553B and Design and Implementation

NMR microwave radio system design and application switch

A new microwave RF switch (4 × 2) design and application

MC33035 Brushless DC Motor Controller Principle and Application

LIN bus based motor Brushless DC Motor Controller

Applied to photovoltaic pumping systems in Brushless DC Motor Control

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