Biography First Lady of France who have been L'Oreal Foundation cash donation

According to Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" 14 reported that, when French President Nicolas Sarkozy received a high profile TV live interview, vowed to deny the acceptance of France's richest women, cosmetics giant L'Oreal successor Betancourt's illegal campaign contributions, the British media reported yesterday, the original Sa Keqi Fu Bruni's one person who have received charitable funds Betancourt's cash donations.

Sarkozy said the conspiracy was

Sarkozy's visit to the French Channel Two television, said: "I was portrayed as a regular 20 years to take home Betancourt envelope, and this is a disgrace." He stressed that "France is not a corrupt country", that the allegations Behind his plot involving a libel.

Local media earlier reported that in 2007 French presidential election campaign, Betancourt had passed when he was head of Sarkozy's campaign finance verte, to provide 150,000 euros Sarkozy donations, exceeding the legal limit, and that shell when Sarkozy and other ancient regularly to the VIP right-wing parties give money.

According to the British "Daily Mail" reports designed to help young people, "Bruni - Sarkozy's prime gold" in September last year, with the L'Oreal brand Lancome cooperation, it was Bruni said in a speech: "Lancome on French is a symbol of beauty, so is the ideal partner. " Although Lancome refused to disclose the amount of funds donated to Bruni, but the first document is said to contribute about 50 million pounds. French justice is on Betancourt criminal investigation, judicial sources said Bruni's charitable funds and Betancourt is also investigating the relationship between the content.


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