Berlusconi said the old Playboy days of the end of transfiguration Flower

According to Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" website reported that the 73-year-old image of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of lust "root," he day before an international conference in Milan, claiming that its "Playboy of the day" has been completed, he was no longer the "Flower son ", but" Flower elderly "(play old).

Reported that last year the old Tony's underwear obsession of a young Western model offered, and attended the 18th birthday party, so intolerable to his second wife, decided to divorce. In addition, the disclosure of a call girl the night with the old shell, also used his cell phone to record the dialogue and took a photo of his home bathroom, the old shell and she quickly denied the sexual transaction.

During the meeting, the face of the Mediterranean from nearly 30 countries, ambassadors and business leaders, the old shell to get women joke. He claimed the men from Latin American countries know how to appreciate the beauty, appeal to the audience in the future to bring beauty to visit Italy, "because we are all Latin."


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