CSS Hack quick check summary

CSS Hack quick search summary screen IE browser (IE is not displayed under) *: lang (zh) select (font: 12px! Important;) / * FF, OP visible * /
select: empty (font: 12px! important;) / * safari visible * /
Here is the selectors select, depending on the circumstances change. The second sentence is the MAC on the safari browser unique.

IE7 only identify

* + Html (...)
When faced with the need only to do style for IE7, when you can use this HACK.

IE6 and IE6 the following identification

* Html (...)
Pay special attention to this place a lot of landlords are written is IE6's HACK fact IE5.x can also identify the HACK. Other browsers do not recognize.
html / ** /> body select (... ...)
This sentence and the sentence of the same effect.

IE6 does not recognize only

select (display / * IE6 does not recognize * /: none;)
CSS comments here, separated mainly by the value of a property with the flow before the release in the colon.

Only IE6 and IE5 is not recognized

select / ** / (display / * IE6, IE5 does not recognize * /: none;)
Here and above, a different character in the choice between the curly braces with one more CSS comment.

IE5 does not recognize only

select / * IE5 does not recognize * / (display: none;)
This sentence is removed in the last sentence in the comments area properties. Only IE5 does not recognize

Box model solution

selct (width: IE5.x width; voice-family: "\") \ ""; voice-family: inherit; width: correct width;)
Box model than by the removal method! Important to deal with. This point should be clear.

Clear float

select: after (content :"."; display: block; height: 0; clear: both; visibility: hidden;)
In Firefox, when the child is floating, then the height of the parent can not fully wrap the entire sub-class, then use this time to clear the floating HACK parent to do on a definition, then the problem can be solved .

Cut the ellipsis character

select (-o-text-overflow: ellipsis; text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: nowrap; overflow: hidden;)
This is in itself beyond the length of the truncated after some more text, and to the ellipsis at the end, a good technique. But at the moment does not support Firefox.

Only Opera identification

@ Media all and (min-width: 0px) (select (... ...))
Opera browser for the settings to do alone.

These are written in some of the CSS HACK, these are used to solve partial compatibility issues, if you want to separate the compatibility of content, some may wish to try the following filters. Some of these filters written in CSS through the filter into a special style, while others had written in HTML in the link, or by conditions need to patch into the style.

IE5.x filters can be seen only IE5.x

@ Media tty (
i (content: "\ ";/*" "*/}} @ import 'ie5win.css'; /*";}
) / * * /

IE5/MAC filters generally do not need

/ * \ *//*/
@ Import "ie5mac.css";
/ ** /

Hack IE, if the conditions

<!--[ If IE]> Only IE <! [Endif] ->
IE all identifiable
<!--[ If IE 5.0]> Only IE 5.0 <! [Endif] ->
Can be identified only IE5.0
<!--[ If gt IE 5.0]> Only IE 5.0 + <! [Endif] ->
IE5.0 IE5.5 replacement can be identified
<!--[ If lt IE 6]> Only IE 6 - <! [Endif] ->
IE6 can be identified only
<!--[ If gte IE 6]> Only IE 6 / + <! [Endif] ->
IE6 and IE6 can identify the following IE5.x
<!--[ If lte IE 7]> Only IE 7 / - <! [Endif] ->

IE7 only identifiable

* Height: 25px; / * For IE7 & IE6 * /
_height: 20px; / * For IE6 * /

These contents may not be comprehensive, welcome to join with me all these sum up the skills for future work to provide a convenient query, while those developed here, thank Naxie HACK authors.

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