Scientists decode DNA 5300 dead on the ice looking for his descendants

According to "Daily Telegraph" reported that scientists have extracted the world's oldest mummies, "Iceman Oz," the DNA and decoding it to find his descendants and to analyze changes in the human genome.

In 1991, scientists in Austria and Italy at the junction of glaciers in the Alps discovered a well-preserved male corpse ice. Study found that there are 5300 dead with ice years of history, is the world's oldest existing mummy, he was named "Iceman Oz." "Iceman Oz" stands 5 feet 5 inches (about 1.65 meters), died about 45 years.

Current "Iceman Oz" is kept in a museum in Bolzano, Italy, the Iceman Bolzano Institute scientists recently from his pelvis to extract DNA and to map out the complete genetic map. Scientists hope to find next year, "Iceman Oz" 20th anniversary, can be found with the gene map, according to his offspring, experts say it will be a major project.

In addition, researchers will analyze "Iceman Oz" whether the genes of modern humans, as with diabetes, hypertension and cancer disease risk factors, to determine whether these diseases are the result of recent changes in the human genome.

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