102 naked British men and women broke the world record with a roller coaster

According to British media reports, local time on August 8, 102 British men and women gathered in Essex Adventure Island amusement park, the clothes all off, experience the naked ride "green screaming" roller coaster feeling the stimulation. 102 people have created a new world record.

Organizers Tres • Jones, said the program primarily for Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation to raise money. In addition, they also hope to have the courage of the people the opportunity of a world record.

Adventure Island manager, said people involved in this activity are from all regions of the UK adventure lovers, there are some people who fight or are cancer.

Staff Charitable Foundation Barbara • Warner said that in the full view of the media before and will all take off clothes, really need a lot of courage. It is reported that the event raised for the foundation a total of more than 22,000 pounds for charity.

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