Artists create a giant frozen lake, geometric paintings

According to the United States, "anthropologist," Art News magazine and Wang Zhan August 8 report, the famous American artists Jimudenei Wen has Dapo by himself in 2009 to create the world's largest art record of Lake Baikal in Siberia The snow and ice on to create a huge area of 23.31 square kilometers geometry.

Ji Mude text in the well-known clothing retailer Anthropologie (French Anthropology, "anthropologist" magazine's parent company) under the auspices of the Lake Baikal, the world's deepest and oldest lake as a canvas. Staff under his command, after two attempts (the first was destroyed by the storm), and finally frozen in the lake Baikal to create a huge snow map.

In 2009, Jim served in the U.S. Nevada desert created the world's largest art graphics - one more than 7.77 km in diameter, contains more than 1000 works of the circle, than the famous secret Lunasika pattern even more significant.

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