U.S. 19-year-old boy was number one juvenile thieves, said fans will be the network

In theory, any one who understands computer through the video tutorials on the site and flight simulation games can fly a plane, but that is only on paper, no one would dare to try. November 2008, a flight training without any 18-year-old boy actually really did. He mysteriously into Washington aokas a small airport on the island, by the way so that the ignition circuit, stole a Cessna 182 private aircraft.

Junior fly a plane ride the wind speed of 80 km per hour to enjoy the feeling of flying, a few hours later the Indians in the 450 km protection zone crash. When police arrived at the scene, the bold pilots had climbed out of the aircraft and quickly disappeared, such as "Twilight" in the dream in the jungle. Then a few months, he followed suit and theft and damage to the other two aircraft.

The juvenile 名叫科爾頓 Harris - Moore, March 22, 1991 was born in Washington Camano Island, small blend into the jungle, he acquired a superb outdoor survival skills. Before the aircraft suspected of stealing, Colton is a school drop-outs, wanted persons, and like magic theft perpetrators were barefoot.

"Colton for the first time for theft in his 8 years of age. Since then, his criminal record has been renewed." A local inspector, said that in December 2003, Colton theft and looting at school damage has reached 8. Principal register reads: "Colton claimed he could not steal anything, he did not know why." Charisma school students Kelisita Paul said: "While Colton is always getting into trouble, But others, well, seems particularly clever, just not good intelligence on his learning. "to the age of 15, Colton into youth custody more often than their peers even more than the number of McDonalds.

In 2006, just youth custody were released, Colton will be the case again because of several cases of theft were arrested. The day before the hearing, Colton managed to escape and disappear into the jungle in the Camano Island. He began Chuang Rukamanuo the island more than 1,000 private vacation villa free to bathe, eat, drink, sleep. Colton found that, in addition to canned tuna, the kinds of things people Hai Ba stay in their own villa - laptop computers, jewelry, cell phones, cameras, iPod, binoculars, cash or credit cards, everything.

At first he just stole some of their necessities of life in the forest, but was smart Colton not only steal things ready, but also in households with household credit card online home shopping, buy their needs in the process of fleeing what the long-term "playing field" in preparation. Online records show he bought anti-bear spray, police radio frequency receiver, a valuable night vision devices, aerospace magazine, and some computer software is used to destroy evidence.

Although Colton also occasionally missed by the police captured, but he could find a chance to escape, and from time to time with the police playing "hide and seek" game. As the experience he used to hunt fleeing shoes off, so people call him the "barefoot thief." July 11, 2010, the Bahamas after the police search was finally captured near the northern part of an island Colton. When the police escorted off the plane, this nearly two-meter tall 19-year-old barefoot boy really.

Theft, not only to make up a happy childhood

Camano Island, 50 km north of the San Juan Islands, beautiful scenery, is Lubushiyi night where families are not closed. However, beginning the summer of 2009, the island's crime rate began to rise, many people report to police their own vacation homes are thieves too. In a pre-Halloween bonfire party, more than 100 holiday-makers together, we talked and talked and found out that burglary, theft has become so common here. Another fellow, complained that his shop was broken into and yachts have been stolen.

All this is Colton did that? He's decided to leave for places where a child lived to know more about. Colton and his mother lived in Camano Island, tent trailer, live alone. Island County in the island courts, the press statement read hundreds of pages on the investigation report Colton childhood, the overall impression is: his unhappy childhood. Local child protection services investigation team's data also showed that when young mothers in Colton severe alcoholism, his father left home when he was four, then come back once the family barbecue, but his tyrannical father, a little tongue fight almost strangle his son.

Since then, Colton became very rebellious, and back to your teacher, Cutting Class, deliberately breaking things at home, starting in the field overnight. The court's assessment that the young child psychologists Colton with ADHD, depression and mania. Report on the record the age of 12, Colton said: "I need help."

Journalists and Colton's mother, 58-year-old Pamukele at a small table next to the chat up. "In Colton's father left, I married a Vietnam War veteran Bill. Bill and Colton's a very good relationship, they are just as pro-father and son, along with a lot of things to do." But in the Colton-year-old that year , Bill died suddenly.

"At that time, I started drinking, and suffering from depression, I am sure these are a great influence on Colton." Court documents also recorded, in the hope that time Colton mother not to smoking, drinking, but should get a job, home to some food.

No evidence that the stolen things Colton are sold. Some locals speculated that Colton theft is not for the money, but want to experience their childhood never experienced in the well-being. Every few days he slipped into the blocks of vacation homes, eat and drink, Shun Shouna some daily necessities, and then disappeared in the jungle. Security Executive of the island, said several times he sneaked into someone else's house, just to soak a hot bath or steal an ice cream.

Pam said the old scores between the Colton and police dispute began his 8-year-old birthday that year. "That year birthday, I bought him an expensive bike, he was happy to ride out, but it is sitting in the police car back. The police opened the trunk to me to confirm: This is Colton The bike? just because we live in substandard trailer, they found the child can not have such a good car, must be stolen. as long as Colton took out some good things, people always think that he stole come. this environment will not cause him psychological harm it? "

Pam Colton now think they can not control the madness. "I even think that he is not only because of the need to steal these things, it's more of a struggle. In fact, I always do everything possible to satisfy his material needs. He is always its own way, just as now and the police play hide and seek, only because he felt that it was exciting, he also wanted to prove he can do, and let the police look like the group that incompetent fool. "

Cat and mouse

To some extent, Colton has proven himself. We all feel that, with so many advanced equipment, the police can not find an unarmed teenager, too humiliated. On one occasion, the police raided the camp Colton Point was rushed empty, and only full tent stolen stolen goods, his dog and his mother left for a note that read: "Police have wanted me Play? tell them that this is not a joke, this was a war. "

In order to arrest him, the FBI even used a Black Hawk helicopter. They miss each hen house kennel, but still no avail, as Colton just disappeared. The embarrassment of the police is on the one hand, many residents complain about their incompetence, on the other hand the police a lot of manpower and material just to grasp a mere thief, obviously a waste of talent. In fact, they clearly have more suspects could be arrested even more dangerous, but with their own words: "Colton's presence so that we're upset."

The police frustration is that even if they are hiding in the line of the Colton newspaper, has not directly entered the room to arrest him, the police have to pass Zhengchangchengxu Huodesoucha Xuke Zheng, Ke wait until then, Colton had already fled. One officer said: "We have to play by the rules, but he did not by common sense out the cards."

On one occasion, the local police almost caught Colton. July 18, 2008 late at night, sleeping Shirley Morgan received a call from the police, this coffee shop in Camano Island, hit by a Mercedes. Just an hour ago, 這輛 car accident caused by violations of traffic laws Vaughan police attention. But not only did not stop the car for inspection, but an attempt to speed away. Vehicles left on a sharp turn out of police cars ready to end at any time, but unexpectedly broke into a cafe parking lot.

According to the police description, this tall driver in the car has not completely stopped the case of the jumping and whipped about disappeared in the nearby jungle, this means too much like Colton has. Sure, the police in the subsequent investigation found the car belonging to Pam's neighbor Carol Patel. In the Mercedes-Benz car, the police did find the original is Carol's bag, the bag are all the various Colton stolen credit cards, cell phones, digital cameras, GPS and the like ... ... the police to restore camera photo , a Colton's own photographs made public. Photo, wearing a Mercedes-Benz polo shirt, stuffed with ear plugs in Colton lying in the jungle, proud smile on his face hung, next to all his booty.

Colton especially good at escape, he runs fast, but also the surrounding jungle terrain is familiar, even if standing in front of the police, he also managed to escape. September 13, 2009, a Deputy Executive order found in the woods Colton's footprint. "When I flashed my torch to him, he suddenly disappeared under my eyes, then I heard his voice laughing proudly." On several occasions, the police are considering whether to use anesthesia in the gun or trap to capture the juvenile.

Thieves become "heroes"

The inability of the police has also inspired some of the islanders the idea of spontaneous hunting Colton, grocery store owner Joshua is one of them. He still clearly remember the way Colton child and that child, he is a bad child. "I talked with many victims, this kid to do is in the economic and psychological harm other people, and we actually looked on him enshrined as the object of worship? Come there are still people on the Facebook fan group to his establishment, and too far off the mark a. "Joshua went to the local police station, volunteered to set up a local armed group in the jungle in search for Colton Kamano, but he volunteered rejected.

Indeed, just as Joshua said, Colton angry. In the well-known social networking site Facebook, fans from around the world to establish group to promote spontaneous Colton's "glorious deeds", which actually there are many who love; in Seattle, printed with "Run! Colton, Run! "T-shirt is Selling Well; on the video website YouTube, was created a spoof folk to praise his" heroism "; at a local restaurant, a young waitress is also one of his fans . "One time I saw a tall, running barefoot in the street, she ran off while laughing, I really hope he is Colton." In addition, Hollywood producers are prepared to Colton's story onto the screen.

Responsible for arrest of San Juan County Sheriff Mark Malloch Brown, Colton has been elusive, and the kids hit 7-year dealings. Sought after by private organizations and the media, a habitual theft, he is very angry: "He is a adult felons, is not my hero." Islanders Jack assessment Ghent down quite pertinent: "Although the Colton and not bad, but he did not Robin Hood robbing the poor to the rich outlaw, unless he wash its hands of this, or will become a career criminal. "

Now, Colton's arrest so that people's minds off the ground a stone, they no longer have all day for the juveniles live in fear of theft.

Camano Island, the adjacent island of Whidbey Island is a U.S. Naval Air Station's base, so every day to see Colton previous low-flying planes roaring past. He had a habit of aircraft, her mother always bought him the materials to do model aircraft, aircraft identification book was his dog-eared. "From a very young age, he pointed to the sky plane could tell me what material this aircraft was made, carrying what kind of engine, when made, security safe." In Colton's MySpace personal presentation , filled his career in this field is the "pilot." Palm has promised to wait for him, so let him graduating from high school to learn flying lessons. "Facts prove that he did not have the flight school."

But for several aircraft, Pam also has a trace of fear. "Though I am very proud of him, but I hope that he stole before the next plane, first went to buy a parachute pack." Pam told reporters, Colton goal in life is to do the pilot, until the save enough money to buy a yacht, then living in the tropical islands. "This is still his plan, when he will return to pick me up from the right and wrong, good life."

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