Russian troops accused of a substantial reduction of special pipeline fire caused by poor

According to the Russian "The Independent" reported on August 9, the Russian Federation armed forces has sent more than 11,000 soldiers and more than 1,000 sets of equipment, continue to participate in the fight against forest fires throughout the country. In fact, the military fire-fighting action of the scale and efficiency of the original Ke Yi higher, Danzai new look military reform Zhong, Ge military and fleet brigade Ji Special Guandaobudui been cut drastically and retain only the establishment of a camp, but did not Jizao users, they Daozhi fire not ideal.

Russian Defense Ministry sources, the Ministry of Defence could have serious central to the rapid fire station with pipeline business, laying water supply line, to help fight forest fires. At present the military and the fleet and a battalion of troops of special pipe preparation, the main task force in wartime to protect the fuel supply, in its 58 year history, only the actual used once, then the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Danshizhezhi special logistics forces in the fight against serious natural disasters is very effective, have participated in the outskirts of Moscow in 1972, forest fires, the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident, 1988 earthquake in Armenia Spiro Tucker rescue work, with remarkable results.

After several rounds of reform, and now the force has been depleted, even if we manage to retain the troops now would cause further reducing its fate. Forest fires in the continuing grave situation a week later, when Moscow was fire and smoke enveloped the time, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov was ordered sent to Vladimir about the state of the North Caucasus Military District 200 pipeline operators, pipeline operators and the Moscow Military District collaboration, for very limited time in laying 4 length over 25 km of water pipelines, the largest fire district fire protection water demand.

Russian experts believe that using only two channels battalions can not solve the problem, the fight against serious forest fires often require the mobilization of several pipeline Corps units, the equivalent of dozens of business now. Russian Ministry of Defense rocket fuel and oil central office in Beijing before the Secretary Achel Major General pointed out that the forest fires in the outskirts of Moscow in 1972, is continuously under high temperature of 30 degrees spread, then most likely lead to national disaster, the Soviet government decided to 5 channels to mobilize brigades, four independent channels business, laying about 300 water supply lines, total length of about 1,300 kilometers, more than 450 million cubic meters of water supply, the successful fight against 4.4 million hectares of fire. Now fire area outside Moscow then much larger than the two battalions at present only about 60 kilometers laid water lines. In addition, the Soviet Union has spent more than 10 million soldiers, the Defense Minister Marshal Grechko to personally command the military is now using the number of Department of Defense is only one-tenth of the year.

An unidentified Russian Defense Ministry officers point out that the national market economy, the strong have a clear distinction between the functions of the department, the fire responsibilities borne by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Defence is not the obligation, to deploy military personnel and equipment when fire, all costs must be funded from the combat training of troops in the allocation of the Ministry of Defence has not actively provided the initial fire-fighting assistance is also reasonable. Russian military experts 涅特卡切夫 will that, while the Ministry of Defence has its own reasons, but they can not ignore the ordinary citizens suffered fire damage. In the transition to the new face of military reform, the Russian military leadership has withdrawn all troops of the brigade-level pipeline establishment, only in the military and the fleet to retain a business establishment, once the military once again cut into 4 campaigns Strategic Command, pipeline units will be cut again, many units, especially the preparation of storage bases firefighters will be a corresponding reduction in individual units will inevitably unable to deal with unexpected fire, and cause a similar warehouse outside Moscow, Kolomna district naval base were destroyed tragedy.

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