Somali pirates set 24 of the sugar merchant

Waters of the Gulf of Aden is the implementation of the EU naval escort mission 5 that Somali pirates hijacked a day in the area flying the flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines merchant ships, 24 crew members taken hostage.

EU navy said in a statement, "Syria Star" cargo ship on the 5th afternoon issued a radio distress signal, "the report suffered pirate attacks," and "Pirates had boarded the crew to open fire." Receive a distress signal, the EU immediately sent helicopters and navy ships to the waters of the incident, but found only a boat scene, the ship carrying fuel and ammunition, suspected pirates attack the boat.

The statement said that the pirates hijacked the "Star of Syria," U-turn traffic, heading southeast toward the Horn of Africa, the EU failed to naval vessels and the "Star of Syria" to get in touch.

It is reported that "Syria Star" on the 22 crew members and two Egyptian Syrian crew, loading cargo for the sugar was then sailing west through the Gulf of Aden, but the origin and destination unknown.

This year, Somali pirates in Gulf of Aden and the Gulf of Aden south of the Indian Ocean merchant vessels hijacked. Unofficial data shows that the implementation of 2009, Somali pirates attacked a total of 200.

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