Tanzania, the two vehicles collided causing 30 casualties

7, according to media reports in Tanzania, Dodoma, central Tanzania province of the same day in a traffic accident, a bus and a truck collided, killing 18 people killed and 13 injured.

Reported that the accident occurred in the province of Kondoa Dodoma a village in the county. Time of the accident, passengers on this bus is going to Dodoma Urban wedding, but that bike truck was moving from east of Singida Dodoma Province Province Ji Tetuo County to proceed Kondoa County.

Police said the injured have been sent to Dodoma provincial hospital for treatment. Remains of those killed are also stored in the hospital, waiting for relatives to come claim. Cause of the accident is under investigation.

Tanzania 8, will carry out "Operation Safety Week". Illegal driving is punishable by heavy fines. Tanzanians bus is the main public transport.

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