For the British oil spill in the Gulf area to oil drilling

BP Chief Operating Officer Road 格蘇特爾斯 6, said the British oil intended for future oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico oil field re-drilling, to oil and gas exploration.

"There are many oil and gas," Suteersi day, said at a news conference. BP will consider how to use this piece of oil under the sea.

Associated Press, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill drilling platform "Deep Horizon" where the existing reserves of oil are still worth nearly 40 billion U.S. dollars.

4 British Petroleum announced that "eliminate static method" to achieve the desired effect of plugging, plugging an important milestone in the work of welcome. In addition, the fight continued relief wells in the project. This is the final plan to solve leakage problems.

However, BP has yet to explain how the use of relief wells.

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