Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien a successful brain surgery

76-year-old former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien on the 6th due to cerebral subdural hematoma in the Montreal Jewish General Hospital for surgery, currently in good condition after surgery.

7, the hospital doctors said that Chretien's daughter, 5, found him walking difficulties, on the 6th to the hospital examination revealed hematoma in the brain, the doctor immediately for his implementation of the operation that lasted two hours.

Surgeon Dr Jiefugelan that operation was a success, Jean Chretien, a good recovery, is expected to return to normal life after a few weeks.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a statement on the 7th, hope Chretien a speedy recovery.

Chretien was born in 1934, a Quebec, from November 1993 to December 2003 served as Prime Minister of Canada.

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