32-year-old single woman was U.S. construction sites Yukio

According to U.S. media reported on August 7, 35, of the United States "left women" for the early Han Lishalini find "Mr Right", a self-built "Yukio website." Even more unusual is that Lisa has decided on a wedding date - February 15 next year, now "everything is ready, waiting for the groom."

Lisa is a beautiful musician, from Texas. Absorbed in her music and career have been unconsciously into "left women" list. Married off to an early date, Lisa to do her best, but are not harvested. Despair, she was built in March of this year a "Yukio Plan" website.

Although the "real thing" not film, can Lisa have already booked a wedding date - February 15 next year. From "Yukio Plan" website since she has been compared with the 46 man pro. After each meeting, she would read the blog will be dear to record. It is reported that so far, several interested parties willing to sponsor Lisa's wedding, described as "everything is ready, waiting for the groom." Although no need to worry about expensive wedding, Lisa can be in the remaining 6 months "deadline" to find the groom within, all will have to see fate

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