High-profile U.S. involvement in Vietnam or the South China Sea dispute will be the new U.S. ally

Vietnam should become the new U.S. allies and partners in Southeast Asia?" In Vietnam, the ASEAN foreign ministers meeting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton involved in a high-profile South China Sea dispute, the United States and Vietnam, the West will become the "new U.S. partners" over the arguments again. This allows the network some Chinese fear the United States and Vietnam will do together on the implementation of containment of China. China and the United States are not only happened with the Vietnam War has a tremendous impact on their country in Vietnam for the furthest two big countries of the attitude of the past become the benchmark of other ASEAN countries.

Members signed up for the United States, "great importance to Vietnam"

Vietnam has recently become popular on the national U.S. media. "The United States continues to support South Korea and Japan in Northeast Asia, it is also looking for new allies in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam." Bloomberg News Service entitled "containment of China 'blue-water navy' win over the United States of ASEAN," the article, mention the name proposed to Vietnam As the new U.S. ally. "New York Times" on August 2, said an article in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan war severely weakened U.S. power, the consequences of failing is to ignore the strategic importance of East Asia. However, through the ROK joint military exercise recently in Washington and two high-profile case involved the South China Sea concerns again that the United States in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia's security interests. The article said Clinton in Hanoi, the statement concerning the South China Sea "has been firmly placed on the United States in Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries into camp." Members of the United States House of Representatives sent a letter to Hillary 19, urging her to "pay attention to this development and use of Vietnam-US relations more desire."

U.S. to allow uranium enrichment experiments in Vietnam

According to the U.S. "The Wall Street Journal" on the 5th broke the news, the United States on an agreement with Vietnam to start intensive negotiations, the agreement will make the United States and Vietnam to share nuclear fuel and nuclear technology, and allow the Vietnamese to conduct uranium enrichment experiments. "Wall Street Journal" that the US-Vietnam negotiations may make China uncomfortable. "Washington is working with those areas of Beijing's growing concerns about the growing influence of countries in strengthening their ties."

However, "Global Times" reporter in Vietnam was not found in the United States and Vietnam that the Vietnamese media, "nuclear negotiations" has been reported. U.S. State Department spokesman 菲利普克勞 Lee 5, confirmed that the United States is civilian nuclear cooperation with Vietnam negotiations, the United States "encouraged" but not force Vietnam to give up the right to enrich uranium on their own.

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Vietnamese protest China's ship inspection Paracel Islands

5, in reply to the Chinese ship in the Paracel Islands in a regional seismic study of the question, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ruanfang E said that China would "violation of Vietnam's sovereignty", asked China to "immediately stop the behavior."

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