Wuhan 3 baby food formula is similar in precocious puberty and more cases

"San Yuan UB, 58 nutrients allows a woman's love has no defects." Phrase television ad, so many young Chinese mothers feel warm. Now, however, because of San Yuan Milk "precocious baby" incident suffer challenge.

A few days ago, "Wuhan three precocious baby" of the cases were "healthy Times," set off a strong concern of society. This reporter has learned, Wuhan three parents said their children baby food Synutra milk, so they suspected that San Yuan milk to blame.

Wuhan Children's Hospital Professor Yao Hui said: "From the start of registration last week, I have handled four cases of premature baby cases, estimated that hundreds of cases a year." It is understood that Health Department of Hubei Province and other related departments precocious puberty girls begin to understand the case situation.

At present, the trigger causes of precocious puberty girls come to any conclusions, relevant agencies circumspect.

Problem has been used in baby milk powder is Synutra

In the "Wuhan three precocious baby" case came to light, the reporter contacted yesterday, one of someone's mother - Wuhan, Hubei Province DENG Xiao-yun.

According to DENG Xiao-yun, this year June, she found only one year old daughter in his early emergence of symptoms of precocious puberty, mainly for the early development of two breasts, skin, significantly below the hard core, while the vaginal symptoms of inflammation have emerged. "At first I thought no big problem, did not think about a month later, these symptoms has not been eliminated." Desperation, DENG Xiao-yun on July 5 with her daughter to a hospital in Wuhan City Children. Wuhan Children's Hospital, Professor Jiang Zexi old preliminary determination is due to precocious puberty hormones.

"Dr. Jiang said at the time the child is too small, do not check, but I do not trust, so he took his daughter to the hospital in Hubei Province were related to maternal and child health checks to prove that a hormone to blame." Wuhan Children's Hospital Market Propaganda Department director Zhang confirmed, including DENG Xiao-yun daughter, the hospital recently found a number of cases of precocious puberty girls. He also said, "Precocious Puberty in the case of the more common, because many are out, so the specific number of cases can not be quantified."

According to Wuhan Children's Hospital of Endocrinology, Hospital Central Laboratory, Professor Yao Hui, deputy director of introduction, in recent years, cases of Precocious Puberty slowly increasing, but the precocious baby girl two years of age is not common. "From last week to now, four cases of precocious puberty girls, the former do not have statistics, each year, an estimated several dozen."

DENG Xiao-yun told the Post reporter, she took her daughter to the hospital in Wuhan many doctors give advice is to eat another brand of formula milk or food. "Disable milk powder, the daughter of vaginitis symptoms a marked relief, but the breast is still hard core."

DENG Xiao-yun suspect this may be a child to eat milk Qingdao Sheng Yuan UB a problem. "We have a natural pregnancy, have not used any contraception. More than a year after her daughter was born, we have been using a holy element formula, the child is on formula milk, I think the formula is probably the culprit."

Saint accused wanted to pay 200,000 yuan

According to "Healthy Times," Coincidentally, two other precocious Wuhan baby girl, the consumption of milk for the same brand. According to DENG Xiao-yun, said during the treatment, San Yuan's agents looking for her several times about the child condition, and will put forward compensation. "In the beginning, said San Yuan willing to 2,000 yuan, I do not agree. Then once accidentally said 200,000 yuan compensation, if I had agreed that they should be willing to negotiate."

DENG Xiao-yun said that there is no reason to accept the proposal of St. yuan compensation, is to first cure the child's illness and understanding in the end what is the reason to cause disease. "If their milk no problem, why should they pay?"

Although doctors have suspected precocious puberty may be related to the baby formula milk related, but they are still circumspect.

According to Yao Hui introduction, not previously thought to be related to the registration of cases and concluded, from her handling of several recent cases of view, there are some commonalities in the disease, "but until now, have not seen and between milk whether there is any connection, but it certainly can not conclude that milk is no problem. "

Which part of the problem in the end, the parties to come to any conclusions at present. To the "dairy cannons," said the former executive director Wang Ding of China Cotton Association milk, milk production on the original proposal's part of the investigation. He believed that hormones in milk powder containing rare case in the past. "If there are problems may also appear in the milk production of this part, because they do not rule out that farmers use hormones to increase dairy production."

San Yuan said, "can not make babies precocious puberty"

For "Wuhan three premature baby", and San Yuan Zhang milk company public relations person in charge had told Fenghuang Wang Ying Jiu interview, said that consumers will milk from online submission, but has not released official results of testing organization.

San Yuan Milk for babies will lead to precocious puberty, Zhang Ying Jiu insisted that babies are many causes of precocious puberty, but can not because the consumption of milk caused. "I can assure you that our products can not make babies precocious puberty."

As for the "Healthy Times" reported that three infants referred to whether the dealer is reflected in the appearance of premature babies, said San yuan terms, since the reporter is using a pseudonym, they do not know, "dealer reflected in the consumer, "" But, Wuhan dealers only reflect that one happen. "He stressed that each batch of product Shengyuan tested are listed. "After the melamine incident, the state's increasing requirements to the factory from raw materials to finished product testing must be listed. No problem with our products."

Individual applications will not be accepted quality inspection departments

The most direct way to understand the pathology is the milk powder tested, but that the testing organization does not accept individual applications, and authoritative departments indicators on the milk powder did not test this one hormone.

Previously, DENG Xiao-yun and other parents also want to milk will be inspected, but encountered "test no one to turn", a number of quality supervision and inspection agency has turned down the parents of the individual applications.

AQSIQ's call was authorized by the quality of the two national dairy inspection center - located in Harbin, the State Dairy Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and is located in Hohhot, the national dairy and meat product quality supervision and inspection center. The two agency staff have said that milk can not be detected hormone. The two agencies said, "we can only check the formula under which the national standards project, in which the hormone is not."

The two test center staff told reporters, in fact, hormones are drugs, powdered milk which can not contain hormones, "a little content can not have." They also said that if you want to test the proposed drug-testing department or health department to try.

SFDA is responsible for drug testing drug testing in China is responsible for the total goods seized, said receiving the staff of business, except in certain health food products, the current drug-testing sector has yet to carry out our food testing business, "to detect the hormone in milk composition, Now certainly can not be inspected, but individual applications will not be accepted. "

Wuhan Children's Hospital Professor Yao Hui said that since sex hormones have more than 10 categories, and hospital facilities are limited, are still not on whether they contain sex hormones in milk powder for testing. As administrative units in charge of commodity circulation, Trade and Industry Bureau to sampling milk powder, infant milk powder in the present testing standards, and there is no "hormone test" this one.

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