18-year-old young woman by her husband in Afghanistan cut the nose landing "Time" cover

Escape cut off by her husband because of the nose, ear, "Time" concerned about the Taliban how to influence the fate of Afghan women

An Afghan woman disfigured by her husband boarded the August issue of the first week of "Time" magazine cover, her story raises the fate of Afghan women under the Taliban raging fears.

Husband hurt his wife by a judge to allow the Taliban

It was reported on board "Time" magazine cover is 18-year-old Aisha Afghan women. In 2009, due in-laws have been abused, Asha running away from home, but was later caught back jailed for 5 months.

Since then, the husband's family has accused her of fleeing "to the family shame", while trial judges are members of the Taliban, he refused to listen to Asha explained, and decide on her punishment. Her husband's brother, then press down to her, her husband cut off her hand with a knife nose and ears.

At present, was disfigured Aisha live in the Afghan capital of Kabul, a secret women's shelter may soon face the United States will go to rebuild and cosmetic surgery, costs paid by the humanitarian organizations.

"Time" magazine editor Richard. Stenger with Aisha in explaining the reasons for the cover photo, said: "We hope to give readers face the Taliban on the women's actions."

A women's dissatisfaction with the Taliban reconciliation

Entitled "If we leave what will happen in Afghanistan," the text reports, "Time" I hope people think the United States and its allies in Afghanistan, fully understand the strategic reality on the ground.

Former Afghan Taliban regime was overthrown in the status of women close to slavery. Since 2006, the Taliban revival, Afghan women from around the school, female teachers were frequently attacked the Taliban, many women were killed by the Taliban.

It was reported inside and outside of Afghanistan demands a strong voice for reconciliation with the Taliban, but Afghan women Quedui had a deep fear of the Taliban.

Aisha said was disfigured, think of the future will allow the Taliban Afghan government official in the country to play a role, she was afraid. "The Taliban did those things to me, how can we reconciliation with them?"

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