MCDC 2805 DC motor theory and application of motion controller

MCDC 2805-based motion controller is designed for Faulhober Group DC micro-motor production tailor-made. It consists of powerful microprocessors and high performance 16-bit digital filter. Main features include speed control, speed mode ramp, triangle, trapezoid and other complex motor complex operating mode and position control, additional control modes. All filter parameters can set through the RS-232 serial port and stored in the EEPROM controller to run, so, MCDC 2805 to complete work independently according to actual needs.

1 MCDC 2805 pin function and structure

MCDC 2805 package structure shown in Figure 1. Among them, the left V1 to RS-232 TXD (RS-232 transmitter); V2 for the RS-232RXD (RS-232 receiver); V3 as AnalogGND (analog ground); V4 to FaultOutput (fault output); V5 is AnalogInput (analog inputs); V6 to +24 V (power supply positive); V7 to GND (ground); V8 as Input3 (the third input). The middle is 9-pin D-type serial port, where 2 is the RS-232 RXD (RS-232 receiver); 3 is RS-232 TXD (RS-232 transmitter); 5 is GND (ground). The right M1 for the Input # 5 (the fifth input); M2 as Input # 4 (fourth input); M3 to Channel A (encoder A channel); M4 to Channel B (encoder B channel); M5 is VCC (+5 V) (systems to provide +5 V); M6 to SignalGND (signal ground); M7 for the Motor + (take motor positive); M8 for the Motor-(connected motor load). Among them, the fault output V4 can also be achieved by setting the following functions: digital signal output; limit switch input; steering control input. And, when V4 is set to enter the state, the input signal to connect to this port before using the REFIN and DIRIN instruction set, and instructions with EEPSAV save.

MCDC 2805 DC motor theory and application of motion controller

2 MCDC 2805 the two kinds of control mode

MCDC 2805 can be analogue or digital mode input to set the pace.

2.1 analog speed control mode

This mode of input through the analog (V5) input voltage signal given speed, without using RS-232 serial port, but can it change the system settings. Given by the speed potentiometer input signal is relatively simple speed control mode, as shown in Figure 2, analog to (V3) and power ground (V7) is not common ground, RS-232 serial port can be used. However, because the signal input part of the input differential amplification, so that if the signal input terminal (V5) is still in limbo, will have a voltage of about 2V, so you must input resistor with a small cross-resistance to receiving the analog input side, or placed with the analog input ground (V3) on the same level.

As the TXD terminal voltage changes, the accuracy is not very accurate. Therefore, the commonly used RS-232 serial digital input mode, you can get more precise control mode.

2.2 RS-232 serial port by way of input digital

RS-232 serial port by the TXD, RXD, and power to form, can cross the RS-232 serial cable MCDC 2805 based motion controller and PC, SPS and the IPC and other devices. RS-232 serial port functionality, including setting system and electrical parameters, on-line data analysis, the electrical switch when moving real-time communications. Through the simple ASCII code to control the terminal emulation program, in the settings, parameters can be saved to the EEPROM in, MCDC 2805-based motion controller after power up, or run the settings stored in EEPROM process. (Note: must be "EEPSAV" command in the Save to EEPROM)

2.3 ASCII commands

Through a series of ASCII commands, you can easily control the motor, and even in the running, also through the RS-232 serial input.

MCDC 2805 DC motor theory and application of motion controller

3 Application examples

Objective: (1) after the electrical power to run to the limit switch position; (2) digital signal input (fault output has been re-programmed) pulse rising edge of the motor is to switch 5 turns (if the logic level is low, the motor will stop); (3) If the logic level remains high, the motor will run in rotating 3 switch to position 0.


SOR0 - switch to the RS-232 to Port by the speed control mode

ENCRES2048 - will set the encoder resolution of 512

LR0 - no movement

M - switch to the position control mode

REFIN - will set the fault output to input

HA1 HL1 HN1 - analog inputs for the limit switch

CAHOSEQ - Save Reset Procedure

POHOSEQ1 - active power reset procedure

HOSP-200 - set the reset rate (back)

HP1 - rising edge of the effective limit switch

ENPROG - power activation procedure

ANSW0 - Close asynchronous response function

EEPSAV - Save the settings to EEPROM



HP3 - The second input (fault output) high effective


JPF2 - low in the second input before the implementation of the continuous cycle of change

HP1 - The second input (fault output) low effective


JPF3 - high in the second input variable of a judge before the implementation of the continuous loop is the boundary



M - move switch 5 turns

DELAY50 - 0.5 second delay after the second input to judge

JPF1 - second input for the low returns to the program initiation



M - the second run when the input is high to 0

JMP1 - return to the program initiation

Notes: ① programming work is completed is not necessary RS-232 serial port; ② input in the digital input signal will trigger a short pulse, while the long pulse to interrupt the program.

4 Conclusion

MCDC 2805 is running the controller type, easy installation, high integration, small size, powerful and has a variety of control modes, a very wide range of applications. Use Faulhober Group offers multi-function expansion board, only through a serial RS-232 can control multiple motor.

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