Quad-band GSM / EDGE power amplifier module design and application

As we all know, the current GSM system, the application of the most extensive in the world of mobile communications standard, but with high-speed, high reliability of third-generation mobile communication systems of the proposed and gradually Jinru commercial Jie Duan, GSM system upgrades extremely urgent. As a second generation GSM mobile communications system upgrade version, EDGE has its unique advantages, EDGE system using a linear 8-PSK modulation, we can greatly enhance the communication rate, the same time, EDGE GSM system follows the Time Division Multiplexing structure, only the existing GSM system upgrade based on a small component that is able to achieve EDGE capabilities, upgrade their low cost.

As of the end of 2006, have been distributed worldwide in over 100 countries in more than 200 operators in public commitment to use EDGE technology, they represent more than one billion mobile users, including Bai Yujia operators have launched EDGE networks and services, coverage in 60 regions. EDGE has to show strong development strength, according to expert analysis, EDGE and GSM networks in the very long period of time will face a symbiosis order to meet these market developments, the general operating business, the end product providers and chip design company started introduced to support both research and EDGE / GSM system products and solutions.

Although technically EDGE and GSM has some homology, but the EDGE system, after all, the evolution of GSM, handheld wireless communications products in the core chip design there are some differences, especially at the RF module: Since the EDGE is a linear modulation system, the transceiver module must also be a linear module, and the traditional power amplifiers for GSM mobile phones are basically non-linear device, can not be achieved EDGE function, and thus need to design a new RF power amplifier module to support EDGE system.

How to achieve high performance and multi-band GSM / EDGE power amplifier module? RDA Microelectronics new RDA6216 provide a more successful design.

RDA6216 the basic characteristics of power amplifier module

RDA6216 by RDA Microelectronics developed a system to support both EDGE and GSM quad-band power amplifier module system. The chip in the power amplifier and controller were used to a high stability InGap / GaAs HBT technology and CMOS technology, chip packaging is 6mm × 6mm LGA, RF input and output are matched at 50 ohms, Ramping control terminal integrated with the blink state spectrum filter, chip peripheral circuits can be only one filter capacitor, which can simplify the PCB design, while reducing the PCB footprint.

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