Residents said Chaney Lake Siberia survival cannibalism monster

According to the British "Daily Mail" and the Russian media reported on July 12, who lives in Siberia near Lake Chaney residents claim, this survival of Russia's largest freshwater lake in Scotland with a similar "monster" like terror "monsters" and, even worse, it will attack the fishermen and dabblers. Reportedly, over the past three years, it has has caused 19 people fell into the water disappeared, the majority of the victims Shiguwucun. At present, the local people these days, strongly urge the relevant departments to investigate thoroughly.

3 years, 19 people fell into the water Shiguwucun

According to reports, Chaney Lake is located in Siberia, is Russia's largest freshwater lake, is one of the famous swimming resort. All along, the local lake are popular with Chaney in "cannibal monsters" haunted legends. According to those who claim to have witnessed the "monsters" of the public, its shape like a water snake, big mouth and giant teeth, resembles the world-famous Loch Ness in Scotland, "the long-necked monsters", long neck, it is known locally as "Nisski" . There were vivid descriptions describe that it has a huge fins and tail, fishermen from the boat onto the lake will swallow. Some even took pictures with cell phone, "monsters" pictures of the activities in the lake.

According to incomplete statistics, over the past 3 years at least 19 people fell into the water in the lake Chaney drowned, most of the remains of the victims has never been found. According to knowledgeable sources, some of the bodies washed ashore was unknown biological giant teeth left bite marks. Recently, another a 59-year-old fisherman died mysteriously in a lake, leading to public calls for water as soon as possible to identify the truth.

According to the deceased, aged 60-year-old friend Gelixiefu said, They were about 275 meters offshore. "His rod caught something very heavy, so stand up and try to loot out of the water. However, the strength of the latter is too great, so that the whole vessel capsized. Panic while, I took off my clothes, trying hard to swam ashore. "

As the travel time on the shore, Gelixiefu be lucky to escape, unfortunately, his friend but never returned. Crowd after struggling to salvage the remains, but in the end playing with toys.

Coincidentally, three years ago, the 32-year-old Mikhail Du Luoning Russian special forces in the lake by boat, the same inexplicable and mysterious disappearances fell into the water. According to Mikhail's grandfather, now 81-year-old Vladimir recalls: "(That) was originally calm lake, but the ship suddenly violent shaking, then tip over. Must shape any great biological in the lake, but I never saw too. "

"Monsters" actually retired Russian submarine?

The face of ever fiercer Chaney Lake "monsters" have friends that it may be a huge sturgeon body, if enough cold water and abundant food, they can reach 5 meters in length and weighing up to 500 kg .

There is also speculation, "monsters" may be "decommissioned Russian submarine." The conspiracy theorists are convinced that this may be the local tourism sector to attract foreign tourists and concocted "gimmick."

Scientists believe that Earth could not exist so-called "monster." In fact, in quite a long time, human beings have not really found any previously unknown large mammals.


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